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A Little College Girl in the Big Bad Apartment World – Theme 1, Post 1

February 7, 2015

Hey everyone!  Here at Already Furnished, we’ve been revamping our blog and are ready to unveil it to you.  We’ll be doing a different theme each month with a post once a week.  This month you’ll be hearing from Melissa, a Senior at the University of Alabama.  She will be giving college students tips and stories that she’s collected through her past four years about the do’s and don’ts of living separately from parents for the first time.  Below you’ll find the first post, enjoy.

Theme 1, Post 1

Let me set the scene: I was 20 years old thinking “Lord Almighty how my parents managed all of this by themselves is nothing short of a miracle.” It was move-in day at Crimson Place and it suddenly dawns on me I picked the luxurious over-sized room all the way upstairs. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, and now, it seemed to be the very worst idea I’ve had in all my 20 years. I was already stressed out because I spent every dime to my name on furniture to fill this room I had been dreaming of – but now, how I was going to pay for food would have to be a thought for a later hour. So now, I had my furniture, my over-priced and (for honesty’s sake) low-quality furniture that was going to fill my dream room. Next thought – “How am I going to get ALL of this up ALL those stairs?!” I’m going to ruin the ending for you. Ready? I sucked up my pride, called Dad, and begged for extra money so I could pay an over-sized Fraternity boy to move my over-priced furniture into my over-sized room, seeing a trend? Fast-forward a few years, now a Senior at the most amazing school in the world (Roll Tide) and I have wisdom to bestow upon all of you young grasshoppers. When it comes that time for you to move into your very own over-sized room that I know you’ve been dreaming of just as I did…DON’T pay for that over-priced furniture and DEFINITELY don’t pay for that over-sized boy to move it for you. Moment of enlightenment: Get a furniture package for an affordable price! Where you may ask? . You’re welcome. Oh, and about that over-sized fraternity boy – moving prices are a mere $60 (money you would have already saved) at Already Furnished. After all this is said and done, I can promise you you’ll have money to spend at the bars during syllabus week.

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