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June 20, 2014

At Already Furnished in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama, there is nothing that we know more than moving in and out of apartments, or homes, or getting new roommates with all different kinds of furniture thrown together.  So if you are in need of furniture and are moving to a New home or beginning on your own for the first time and don’t know where to start?  Here is where you will need to think wisely on the furniture you will purchase.  You want to only have to purchase your big furniture items once every 5-10 years so you do not want to buy very “hip” or “trendy” pieces of furniture at first.  You will need to start with the basic furniture and simplify the look by buying basic styles so that no matter how many times you want to change that rug, table lamp, or throw pillow, all of you furniture will continue to match.

The living room is the center of the home, where everyone tends to gather.  This means it is very important to make sure you have a well-developed design in this room.  You do not want to do with so many different styles that the idea of the room is all over the place.  So stick with basic furniture and fun accent pieces.

 This is the perfect style/color to start off with your design.  You may look at this sofa and say “Oh this is boring,” well it is a great canvas to start out with.  The accent pieces in the room will help give the space pizazz.  You do not want to get an “out there” sofa and then not be able to match it with anything.

This sofa and love seat comes in at $1352.16 for the set.  

One can never go wrong with a leather accent chair.  The aged look of the leather and the traditional style of the chair, this piece will never go out of style.  Given that the sofa and love seat above are the lighter fabric, it is good to give a little balance to the room by adding the dark leather.  They complement each other so it is not displeasing to the eye.

This chair comes in at $286.00. 

This is a three piece occasional table set.  It is a traditional dark brown wood with clean lines and a shined finish.  There is nothing too fancy going on with this table, but the bottom of the table legs flare out a little just to give it a little something.  I love that is has the bottom shelf for extra storage so not everyhing has to go on top of the table.  De-cluttering is always a great way to keep anyt space looking perfect.

This three piece table set comes in at $286.00.

This entertainment center is a modern clean-lined piece that would go well with the furniture pieces above.  It is a medium size so that it is not too bulky that it takes up a lot of space, but it has multiple drawers and compartments for all of the recent technology. It gets to be a hassle when you have doors on your entertainment center because then you have to open them every time you want to turn on your cable box.  This piece makes it so easy that it has cubbies that you slide everything into.  All of your favorite electronics fit right into place, no problem.  Also the hardware it a modern, sleek finish.  Nothing too flashy or detailed.  This guarantees that you will not have an issues matching it with other pieces.

This entertainment center comes in at $201.38.

All of these furniture pieces can be found at Already Furnished’s and all of the links have individually been added to each product.  Go check it out!  Hope your home furnishing process just got that much easier!

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