Buying Furniture for your College Apartment Isn’t a Hassle Any More, and This is Why…

July 15, 2014

It’s now mid July, and everyone is scrambling to get their leases signed on their apartments, condos, and houses for the Fall of 2014. Classes will be starting back in just a little over a month (August 20th at the University of Alabama to be exact) and it’s now crunch time for getting all the arrangements made to be settled in and ready by the time that happens. Mid Summer in Tuscaloosa is an exciting time for sure, but it can also be stressful with so much to do. Signing up for classes, making sure you get the exact schedule that you need, trying to make sure you have text books, scheduling graduate level tests and internships—add this all with the fact that most of us sign one year leases from August to August, and might be moving out of the dorms for the first time—finding new housing is critical, and usually takes some time. And then to top it all off, we need furniture for our housing.

The furniture issue usually falls to the wayside, and we end up scrambling to find and settling for beat-up used items from friends, items that we don’t really like, or just rushing to some place like Target to spend a lot of money to buy some complicated desk or dining room table that we then struggle to put together, and that then ends up with a wobbly leg which we try and deal with for the entire next year. Looking at big name furniture stores around town tends to break our wallets entirely, and a $1,500 sofa just seems totally out of the question.

So, if only there was some way to end up with furniture that you actually liked, that you can actually afford—that’s brand new even—and that is also easy to acquire. Something that doesn’t involve driving all over town looking for this piece and that piece, or calling 20 different friends looking for an available couch that hasn’t been completely destroyed.

Enter Already Furnished. A local company in Tuscaloosa run by young driven professionals, staffed with University of Alabama college students and alums, building a nationwide reach, backed by 25 years of experience in the industry and mission to get rid of the hassles of furnishing college housing.

Using the convenience of the World Wide Web, Already Furnished is completely changing how buying furniture works, making the process easier and with less hassle than ever before. The goal of course is simplifying purchasing furniture in the college housing market.  This means items that you can afford, that actually look good, that are actually good quality, that you don’t have to spend tons of time worrying about and picking out, and that will last a long time. Already Furnished has made it easier for you to have furnished housing with minimal cost of your time, energy, and money. Here’s how:

The 3 Step Process:

Pick Your Property:

Already Furnished works with over 20 great properties in town to help you find housing as well as furnish it. If you are still trying to decide where to sign your lease, our Shop by Property page is a great place to start. There you will find all the info about each of our properties, everything from rent prices to bedroom options, detailed floor plans and features and amenities. If you already have a property, house, or are signing a lease elsewhere, then just click on our all-purpose packages to find student friendly options that will look great no matter where you are moving.

Pick your Room:

The packages are arranged by bedroom, living room, and dining room, so just click on the name of any particular room from the drop down menu. That will take you to the packages screen for that particular property.

Pick Your Package:

The packages are designed to make everything easier for you. Instead of shopping all over the place for a night stand a bed and a chest pick from our packages with items that go together perfectly and are already at a super low price. The same goes for the dining and living room packages. Get a brand new sofa and a loveseat that match perfectly for an unbelievably low price. Plus, each property has specific packages that were put together by interior designers  for that property.

Get Your Items Shipped on Your Move In Day for Free:

With all the hassle of moving in and out, one of the best things about Already Furnished’s service is that you can prearrange everything to make your life as easy as possible as you deal with moving in come late July or August. Buy your items now and Already Furnished will store them for you. Then, have them delivered to the outside of your new home for FREE on the day you move in. You can then bring them inside and put them where you like.

Or, if you would rather not have to do any moving or assembly yourself, Already Furnished can bring the furniture to you, place the items where you like in your home, and do any necessary assembly for only $60.

The bottom line is that Already Furnished is changing how buying furniture for your college living space works. What used to be a big hassle is now something easy that you can take care of in a short amount of time, make all the arrangements for, and then breathe easy knowing there is one less thing to worry about as classes roll around in August.

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