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Graduation How To Guide

March 6, 2015

Attn: Graduating Seniors-

You’ve been working extremely hard for the past four…or five…or maybe six years, and the day has finally come, GRADUATION DAY!  I’m guessing all of you have landed your dream job, and for a lot of you that means moving out of state.  Moving can be both an exciting and terrifying experience, but believe me it can be made easy:

Piece of advice #1: Make sure you start looking for an apartment AS SOON AS you’ve landed that dream job.

Apartment hunting can be scary in a different state, but this is why I highly recommend in-person visits.  Although it is often troublesome to travel to whatever state you are moving to, it will help your apartment hunt immensely.  Online there are MANY scams, and you don’t want to be starting that new job without guaranteed living arrangements.

Piece of advice #2: I would recommend starting your search online at craigslist or

Narrow it down to a few chosen places that you like, plan your visit, visit only those that you picked out upon arriving.

Piece of advice #3: Prepare a list of your “non-negotiables”.

Really think about this one.  Do you want roommates?  If so, how many?  Do you want a one bedroom, efficiency, studio, etc.?  Do you need utilities included?  Does the complex need to have a gym?  Does it need to be walking distance from your work?  There are tons of things to think about, but this should make the “narrowing down” process much easier.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, picking your apartment will be extremely easy, once you’re in person.

Piece of advice #4 and the most important adviceGet a furniture package from Already Furnished.  This advice will turn the “scary” move into the “pleasant” move.  We, at Already Furnished, are proud to say that we will have new locations throughout the United States.  These new locations include: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas.  These locations cover the United States and encompass some of the biggest cities that students typically start their first “big kid job” in.

How to: On the homepage click shop by property, then click Tuscaloosa, then click on the drop down menu at the All-Purpose Packages category, and pick which room you are trying to furnish first.

Bedroom Packages include:

  • Queen Bed
  • WOW Bedding Set
  • Chest
  • Nightstand

Most Living Room Packages include:

  • Sofa
  • Love Seat
  • Chair

Dining Room Packages include:

  • 1 Table
  • 4 Chairs

This will make your moving to another state so much easier, and the best part is all of this furniture can be delivered to you if you are moving to one of the cities where we are located.  Make your move easy, shop at Already Furnished.

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