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Pets – The Best for your Heart, the Worst for your House

March 27, 2015

I want pets. You want pets. We all want pets. For me personally, it’s a long-haired Chihuahua and a Maine Coon kitten, Twinkle Toes and Queen B.  They are my world, but boy do they know how to make a mess. From the dog digging into my floor to the cat scratching at my leather chair, I clearly needed a fix. Below, I’ll give you some of my experiences and the remedies I’ve found.


Cat on Leather

First, get a cat post and soft paws. They have been my saving grace since I got my kitten in December. Second, the key to leather is cats like new leather not old leather. The worst that will happen to your leather furniture if it has been used is a few scratches from your cat running across it. New leather on the other hand, bad news. Cats LOVE the smell of new leather, so unless your cat doesn’t cat then you’re going to need soft paws. Soft paws are the solution to scratching without putting your friend through declawing.

Now what to do if you’re reading this after the cat has already wreaked havoc on your leather furniture. Brown shoe polish! You’re not going to be able to remove the scratches, but you will be able to cover them up. So, get some shoe polish, and rub over the scratches with it until it’s completely covered up!


Dog digging on Wood Floors

This one is easy. You need to train your dog. Some breeds are just more likely to do this however if it has already happened, here you go. First, cover the scratch with clear nail polish. Then, cover and fill the scratch with liquid seam filler. Leave that to dry and your scratch should be taken care of.


If you’re thinking about getting pets my best suggestion is to get high-quality furniture, and that’s exactly what Already Furnished has. Visit to view our packages and catalogs. Don’t forget that we have locations across the United States so we can get you your furniture as life moves you around.



I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to damage done by pets, but if you are not as lucky feel free to send me an email at melissa@alreadyfurnished.netfor more suggestions.

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