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February 14, 2015

‍What is cooking? My definition four years ago would have been some wizardry that Mom does in the kitchen while I’m doing my homework.  My definition has evolved…slightly.  As far as I’m concerned, cooking is a necessary evil that is followed by another necessary evil of the dreaded cleaning.  I know everyone can relate to these cooking steps:You cook what you consider a beautiful dinner (probably food poisoning on a plate)You give your beautiful plate to your loved ones to share in the delicious feast you’ve createdEveryone eats happily (or so they say)That one troublesome loved one spills on your furniturePanic mode: how do I get that out so future guests don’t assume I belong in a barn

Here’s where I come to the rescue!  Below I have listed different furniture types you may have in your home and how you can clean them.  Let’s begin.

Leather:  First, you’re going to need to vacuum your leather furniture item.  Next, identify what spots of your furniture need cleaning and which do not.  Gently, use a damp washcloth over the clean areas of your furniture.  Now, you are going to begin with a damp and soapy washcloth.  Make sure you do not rub your furniture too hard.  Key word: gently!  For heavily dirtied areas, a natural leather cleaner rather than soap will be needed.  You will still use a damp washcloth even if you will be using the natural leather cleaner.  Make sure you do not leave any excess cleaner on your furniture because that will risk staining your item further. **If you are in a crunch, use a toothbrush and toothpaste on the dirtied areas. After completing your cleaning, make sure to let your leather furniture breathe without having anything touch it, drying is crucial.   With these tricks your leather furniture should be looking good as new!

Wood:  Begin by removing any dirt present with any ordinary house cloth.  Combined with a wood cleaning spray or oil, dampen the cloth you’ve been using and start rubbing in the cleaner to your wood.  If your wood has enamel cover paint, you’re going to use the same process except with a normal cleaner rather than wood-specific.  These steps will have your wood looking fresh again!

Micro Velvet: Velvet can be a tricky one to get stains out of.  You’re going to need a heavy duty carpet cleaner as well as a brush.  You may be doing this for a while, but brush that carpet cleaner into your velvet furniture for as long as needed.  Make sure you leave your velvet to dry after this process.

Suede:  First, suggestion about suede: always use a protective spray on your suede furniture to ensure that “accidents don’t become permanents.”  Now, remove all your crumbs and dust with a handheld vacuum.  You’re now going to want to gently wipe down your furniture with just a plain household cloth using white vinegar.  Again, the key word is GENTLY.  You risk staining your suede furniture further if you don’t exhibit care.  Remember to let your suede dry after completing this process.

Polyester:  Polyester furniture is relatively easy to clean.  Make a mixture of a small amount of laundry detergent, white vinegar and water.  Dip a cloth into this mixture and wipe away your stain.

Microfiber: Microfiber furniture is another one that is relatively easy to clean.  Start by vacuuming any excess dust or dirt that may be present.  Then, create a mixture of soap and water.  Use the mixture to rub into your furniture, then let dry.  Microfiber is often advertised as “indestructible,” but for many people that is just not the case so this is a useful piece of cleaning advice to keep in your back pocket.

Corduroy:  Many people have a piece of favorite furniture, and quite often it seems that these favorite pieces have corduroy upholstery providing a homey and comfy feeling.  If you’re one of these people you’re going to need a brush, laundry detergent, a cloth and water.  Like with most items of furniture, you’re going to need to begin by vacuuming your piece.  Now, you’re going to start brushing the corduroy in the direction that it naturally goes.  Dampen your cloth and mix it with both the laundry detergent and the water.  Wipe your cloth along the furniture GENTLY then proceed to let it dry.

Linen:  Linen furniture is BY FAR the easiest type of furniture to clean.  All you need to do is rub a dampened cloth against the stain and it should come out.  If you have an extra pesky stain, add alcohol to the cloth.  That should do the trick!

Silk:  Furniture that is upholstered with silk can be easy to clean, HOWEVER, be very weary of getting too aggressive with the material as that can cause serious damage to your furniture.  Simply make a mixture of your laundry detergent and cold water, dip your cloth into the mixture, then gently wipe your furniture with the cloth.  Finish by letting it dry.


Cleaning furniture is not usually a skill that kids come into college with, so don’t feel alone.  These tips should make the difference in whether your parents will be happy when they see that furniture they bought for you or choose to cut you off, effective immediately.  I understand that we all get ourselves in a pickle occasionally.  Maybe you had class right after a spill occurred and you didn’t have time to clean it…then “forgot” for the rest of the year?  Well, in order to still avoid the “cut off” option that I spoke of earlier, here’s your website to make a quick fix.  You can get a replacement piece quickly and easily at  Not only will your parents be happy, but you won’t have to starve for the next three months due to affordable prices and miniscule installation fees!  Feel free to contact us at 205.331.4340 or stop by our store at 1004 Hillcrest School Road, Tuscaloosa, AL.

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